Free things to do in Nairobi 16/12/2014

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and was established in 1899 by the former British colonial government. Nairobi is a very warm and cosmopolitan city that welcomes visitors from all corners of the world. There are are plenty of fun activities to engage in while in Nairobi even for those travelling on a tight budget.

Below is a list of top three free fun activities that you can engage in if travelling on budget.

1. Free Walking Tour, Nairobi

Established in 2017 by, this is the original free tour in Nairobi and it runs everyday starting at 10 am for 2 hours. Free Walking Tour, Nairobi has becomea very popular activity as a fun and affordable activity which is run by freelance tour guides. The tour covers the major iconic landmarks within the city centre of Nairobi and after the tour you are free to tip the tour guide whatever you feel the tour was worth to you. This tour was voted as the 2nd best free walking tour in Africa by If you would like to book this activity, send your request to

2. The Maasai Market

The maasai market is one of the best free experiences within the city centre of Nairobi. It is an open air market where you can find curios, paintings, drawings, clothes and fabrics, jewellery and wood-carvings hand-made in Kenya by local artisans.The normally opens at 8am and closes at 6pm and revolves around the city environs on different days, however within the city centre, it is only available on saturdays along the high court parkig opposite the hilton hotel.

3. The Nairobi Aboretum

The Nairobi Aboretum is a 30 acre wooded park within the Nairobi city centre environ holding over 350 species of indigenous and exotic of trees, shrubs and grasses from all over the world. It was etablished in 1907 by Mr. Batiscombe, then Deputy Conservator of Forests in Kenya. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded in this park such as the African black duck, Variable sunbird, Olive thrush among others. Vervet  and sykes monkeys can also be spotted on the park as well as a variety of butterflies. If you are a nature lover, this you would indeed very much visiting the Nairobi Aboretum. Though they have introduced is an entrance fee, it is almost insignficant.